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Isha Horn Solution (IHS) is a private business that offers digital transformation, data analytics, data visualization, business development services, research and development, service/product design and demand based trainings. IHS has a mass market business model with no significant differentiation between customer segments. The company targets its offerings to larger and medium commercial, public and non-governmental organizations that want to digital and non-digital consulting services to create economic and non-economic values to last mile. IHS provides eight services which are organized within two main business segments:

1. Information management: IHS offers services that transform a classical business process, systems, functions, data into digital.

2. Consultancies: IHS provides consulting services in the areas of knowledge management, business and project management, data analytics, data visualization, pre and post digital and data transformation.

About Organization


Isha Horn Solution (IHS) is a trusted partner that responds to the clients’ needs in a fast changing internal and external environment.


IHS creates economic and non-economic values that respond to our clients’ most pressing needs. IHS enables our clients to offer services and products that produce benefits, results and impacts for the last mile, stakeholders and shareholders/owners.

Our core values are based on

  • Trust
  • Continuous innovation and learning
  • Integrity
  • Social good

Our Services

IHS brings data literacy to organizations to use data in a smart way, rather than making decisions on guess base and opinions.

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IHS gives you a complete freedom to shift from relying on oral or periodic reports from your staff into getting an updated report at your fingertip: when you want it and how much details you want to dive deep in the reports.

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Our offering goes beyond cleaning ineffiencies of the classical systems and process into not only operational excellence, but bringing new revenues and value generating opportunities.

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Our team is ready to (re)design your business model including the value proposition for products and services, and test business ideas for an existing and newly established business.

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Our team provides your organization with technical skills that formalize the current project management practice and adopt best practices and governance for project management

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Our solution offers a design that enables your organization to differentiate it from the competitors.

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HIS experts are ready to carry out social researches to create an acceptable knowledge and credible information to help our clients to find out the constraints for a solution

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IHS delivers customized training packages to organizations that desire seeing changes in the behavior and performance of the staff at all levels.

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Digital management

Digital management empowers your organization through user's experience that drives an adoption of the digital transformations. The Digital management solution is built upon inside-out concept which focuses on an internal process enhancement and employees’ engagement with the process of the transformation. Our product responds to unique needs of the people and to business requirements in a detailed and precise way.

Dashboard management

Dashboard management enables users to discover insights with every click and swipe to make decisions based on evidence. The product empowers your business to have the secret sauce that you want from data analytics and from data to tell stories. The dashboards Integrate all essential business data wherever they are, such as financial, human resource and meta data extracted from the process into one display – single dashboard view, allowing you to unearth hidden insights that fuel productivity and growth.

Management packages

The management package builds sound and plausible management systems that enhance the capability and competency of the organization to learn from its past and improve its process. The management package eliminates the management systems and the information flows to stand in silos The package made of: M&E solution Project management Business development Organizational development Data management

Knowledge management package

Knowledge management package enables clients to create new knowledge which is placed at the heart of the organization's competitive advantage. This solution brings organizations' attention to treat knowledge management as a part of organizational competitive advantage which is a continuous combination, transfer of, and conversion of different kinds of knowledge.

News Articles

Cultural difference across school and home of children with foreign cultural background: Cultural Orientation Framework

This paper employs “Cultural orientation framework” to explain the cultural difference across the school and home of four girls with foreign culture. Mistrust emerged between the school and the parents when outdoor school activity had been discriminated from the indoor and the girls used to be absent on the excursion days. The teachers’ immediate solution was to question the validity of the illness the girls submitted after the excursion. Additionally, the teachers became frustrated with not being communicated openly if there was a standpoint. Neither the schedule had not been adhered nor the teachers were informed in a good time the girls’ absence from the excursion.

Read more! Download PDF Posted: 2023-02-23 21:35:29

Theory of Change: A competing development approach

people who design evaluations is expected to select an approach that allows the organization to learn from the interventions’ success and failure. In other words, a good evaluation system should start at early stage when a new intervention is being designed, keeping in mind that the evaluation system and the program design are closely connected.

Author Ibrahim H. Saed

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Community Based Flood Early Warning System: A case study on Dumangas in Philippine

It has become visible that one disaster may completely damage the fruits of decades of development activities. The impacts of natural disaster attracted the attention of development practitioners. Because it is not only that it victimizes severely vulnerable groups in a society such as women, children and elder and poor people, but it disrupts development efforts and investments

Author: Ibrahim. H Saed

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IHS offers three value propositions: Innovation, Performance, Get specific jobs done. IHS will place a high priority on innovation which sophisticated research will guide mapping clients' innovations to fit for the emerging technologies, innovating products/services and processes. IHS will help the clients to demonstrate a strong performance that produce tangible results for end users. IHS will help the clients to get certain jobs done.

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