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Project management, Data management and customized monitoring and evaluation

Our team provides your organization with technical skills that formalize the current project management practice and adopt best practices and governance for project management

Our team helps your organizations to design a structured process to accomplish required activities to direct, manage and deliver a project successfully. Our customized solution offer your organization to develop procedure that integrates different aspects of the project management. Our team is going to tailor project management approach that fits your organization’ needs and context, while balancing the need for rigid and flexible practice to allow those who implement the projects to have higher degree of freedom. M&E Our team offers your organization a comprehensive M&E solution that intends to close the existing gap between the current state and the desired state of monitoring and evaluation. Our solution is tailored to provide a partial or full M&E cycle that starts at appraisal of new projects to evaluate the final project’s results. The full M&E cycle entails developing and reviewing M&E policies, guidelines, designing tools, setting standards and procedure. Our M&E solutions address the organizational learning challenges, issues of indicator aggregation, double counting, compliance and data quality. Data management IHS helps your organizations to develop plans, policies and process and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data resources. Our experts support your organization to manage data life cycle and develop appropriate tools and mechanism that allow efficient access, share of and re-use to data.

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IHS offers three value propositions: Innovation, Performance, Get specific jobs done. IHS will place a high priority on innovation which sophisticated research will guide mapping clients' innovations to fit for the emerging technologies, innovating products/services and processes. IHS will help the clients to demonstrate a strong performance that produce tangible results for end users. IHS will help the clients to get certain jobs done.

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